Case Studies

picekel-300x225.jpgAural Abscesses in Aquatic Turtles

Aquatic turtles such as Red Eared Sliders are some of the most commonly

kept pet reptiles. They are beautiful, interactive, and very popular as pets. Because they are often an impulse purchase when they are tiny and adorable, most people do not educate themselves as to how to care for them properly.Read More

bigote-3weekspost.preview-300x200.jpgBigote the Rabbit

Bigote is a 1 year old male neutered rabbit that presented for lethargy, drooling and inappetance. He was in slightly thin body condition and had a swelling on his right mandible (jaw).The skin on the right side of his face was also irritated due to the moisture from constant drooling. He was on a diet of mostly pellets, carrots and apples. Read More

cinammon9-27-10-030-300x225.jpgCinnamon, a 1-year-old female hamster

Cinnamon came in for an appointment when her owner noticed that she was looking bloated and had a decrease in bowel movements. Her owner also noticed some bloody discharge on her hind end a few days prior, which subsequently stopped. Cinnamon was still eating some of her hamster food but her appetite had been decreasing. Read More

bea-2-276x300.jpgBea, a very lucky ferret!

Bea, a four year old female spayed ferret, presented on emergency when she collapsed after a traumatic fall. She had been playing with her owner and accidently fell to the floor. On physical exam, Bea was unresponsive, hyperventilating and not able to move. Read More

client-rocky-276x300.jpgRocky – Jardine parrot

Rocky is a 2-year old Jardine’s parrot who presented to our clinic’s emergency service because of lethargy and anorexia of 4-days duration. On initial examination Rocky was found to be in serious condition. He was thin, extremely weak, had pale mucous membranes and had an inflamed tongue with multiple pustules. Read More

case-ginko-2-300x225.jpgGingko – Egyptian Uromastyx


is a beautiful Egyptian Uromastyx who has lived with his owner for 5 ½ years, mostly roaming free in an apartment. His owner brought him here after he noticed that Gingko was eating less and losing weight over a period of several weeks. He was also lethargic and not acting like his usual self.Read More

riita-during-300x224.jpgGoldfish Surgery

Riitta is a 2 ½ year old Oranda Goldfish who was brought to our hospital because her owner was concerned that Riitta was unable to find her food and had stopped eating. Oranda Goldfish are known for having a distinctive cap of ornamental flesh on their heads called a Wen. Read More

egg-binding-4-300x225.jpgEgg Binding in Birds

Egg binding or dystocia refers to a condition in which a female bird has trouble laying an egg. This condition can be life threatening and is unfortunately common in our smaller pet birds (budgerigars, cockatiels, lovebirds, finches, canaries). At the Center we see many cases of egg binding each year, and we believe most of them could have been prevented. Read More

case-pancake-head-300x293.jpgPancake the Bearded Dragon

Pancake, a young bearded dragon, was brought to our hospital because of a problem with his right eye. The lids were swollen and he seemed unable to open or see out of that eye. Despite his compromised vision, Pancake was very active and was still able to hunt insects well using his left eye. Read More

case-spike-300x221.jpgSpike Lentini – Iguana

Spike is a 1 ½ year old green iguana who presented to our hospital with a decreased appetite and orange-colored urates. (Urates are the typically white portion of reptile eliminations.) He also had not defecated in 4-5 days. Spike was still very active at home and his owners fed him a good diet consisting of 70% dark, leafy greens. Read More

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