Continuing Education

Continuing education is vitally important to the entire staff here at the Center. Every year, take time out of our busy schedules to travel all over the country in an effort to learn new techniques, listen to current research, network with our peers, and to help educate others by sharing our experiences. Continuing education not only keeps medical professionals current with new advances in medicine, but is required by the specialty organizations that many of our staff members are members of.


Continuing education continued to be a challenge in 2021! In September, Dr. Wilson and Lorelei braved COVID to join colleagues at the ExoticsCon Veterinary Symposium in Nashville, TN. They had a great time reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones in all manner of animal-themed masks, however due to Omicron, live CE did not continue! ABVP and many other conferences that focus on exotics did not happen. The good news is that symposiums like ExoticsCon and VMX were also offered virtually so Dr.'s Rivera, Cleary, Renna, and Grodio all got to do some learning from the comfort of home. Additionally, Lorelei did some virtual lecturing for New York and Massachusetts State associations of veterinary technicians, and also some fun teaching for the Ontario Vet Tech Association and Vet Girl on the Run! The entire CAEM team focused on exciting new journals and academic research as well as trying to stay connected with colleagues. It has been a challenge, and we are all looking forward to what 2022 holds for our CE venues!


The pandemic year was obviously very strange for continuing education! Lorelei was scheduled to lecture at 3 national symposiums, all of which were cancelled, along with all in person learning the staff had planned to attend.  The positive news is that the veterinary community did a great job pulling together some amazing virtual conferences! Lorelei  was able to do some remote teaching for New York State Association of Veterinary Technicians. Dr. Wilson also did some virtual lecturing for World Animal Protection on the topics of care welfare issues of exotic pets. Dr. Grodio and Dr. Renna attended ExoticsCon virtually and were able to learn amazing new research perspectives from the comfort of home! Virtual learning was so fun that our leadership team implemented a new protocol that every employee must attend some form of CE (exotics related or management related only of course!) every quarter! The teams all brushed up on OSHA regulations, anesthetic techniques, amphibian husbandry, communications styles, and so much more! We shall see what 2021 has in store for the team and the veterinary community as a whole!


Early in 2019, LVT Anita went to sunny Orlando for the VMX national conference where she attended 5 days of morning till night exotics packed lectures. Drawing from her experience, she then gave her own in-house teaching here to spread the knowledge she learned to the support staff at one of our staff meetings. Lorelei was busy in 2019, attending and lecturing at the FETCH conferences in Baltimore, Kansas City, and San Diego. She gave 7 packed hours of technician CE at each, and then spent the rest of her time attending management courses to continue her life-long pursuit of always improving. She attended the ABVP (American Board of Veterinary Practitioners) conference in Denver as well. Dr's Cleary and Renna both went to St. Louis to spend their CE time at ExoticsCon, 2019. This year Dr. Cleary will be taking  wetlabs in ultrasound, as well as attending as many reptile topics as possible, and Dr. Renna will be balancing everything avian and small mammal. Dr. Wilson has decided that this year she will attend the 27th Annual Animal Law Conference in Portland, OR. This conference is unique and so important to exotic pet medicine. Dr. Wilson is excited to learn everything she can to ensure all of us at the Center maintain the highest integrity and ethics when dealing with these unique patients. 


2018 was a big year for the Staff at the Center regarding continuing education.  With the growing popularity of Webinars, the staff has many opportunities to get together at the practice and learn online, and we did many RACE approved lectures this year for practice management, Team Building, emergency medicine, behavior of exotic pets, and more! In September, Lorelei, Vicente, and Dr. Wilson all traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for the ExoticsCon conference. This unique event happens only once every 3 years, when the associations of Avian, Reptilian/Amphibian, and Exotic Small Mammal all get together in one huge symposium to network, share knowledge, and have fun! Vicente took a few wetlabs, Dr. Wilson focused on small mammal, and Lorelei ran around to as many lectures as possible! Then in October, Lorelei presented 8 lectures at Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. Her topics were all technician, and all exotics! Meanwhile, Dr. Wilson traveled to Canada twice to lecture to conservationists about the pitfalls of exotic pet ownership in the USA. 


Lots of CE for employees at the Center this year! In January, Anita went to the NAVC annual conference (now called VMX) in Orlando, FL where she enjoyed lectures and wetlabs about exotic pet wound management and more! Lorelei presented the technician track at this year's AAV in Washington DC with 6 lectures on pharmacology for birds, then she traveled to the South West Veterinary Symposium to present 6 lectures to exotics technicians in San Antonio, and then she presented emergency medical care techniques to technician students at her alma mater, Mercy College. Of course when she was not lecturing, she was attending other lectures and learning! Dr. Wilson traveled to Dallas, TX to the ARAV/AEMV/ACZM symposium on exotic animal medicine where she attended educational topics such as current viral conditions in exotic pet reptiles. Dr. Grodio attended the ABVP symposium in Atalanta, GA where she took AND PASSED her board certification exams for avian specialty! She has finally achieved her goal of becoming a board certified avian veterinarian!


This year the staff traveled all over the country in search of the best and newest educational opportunities for exotic pets. Dr. Pilny traveled to Portland, Oregon to ExoticsCon, one of the largest exotics-only education symposiums in the world. Lorelei focused her studies on practice management this year and her travels took her to San Antonio, Texas where she attended the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) conference and took home so fantastic tools to make the business side of things even better! And Dr. Grodio also went to San Antonio, although her conference was the ABVP (American Board of Veterinary Practitioners) symposium where she is focusing her studies on her specialty: avian practice.


2015 was a big year for practice manager, Lorelei, as she gave lectures at 3 prestigious veterinary symposiums. In January, she went to Orlando where she lectured for 6 hours at the biggest veterinary conference in North America: the North American Veterinary Conference. In March, she traveled to Toronto where she attended and lectured at Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. She gave a full day of fun CE, sharing exotics care lectures with our friends in Canada. In November she traveled to New Orleans where she lectured for two days at the American Board of Veterinary Practioners. This conference is where her veterinary technology specialty academy holds their annual conference, and Lorelei lectured on exotic medicine for two full days. Lorelei used the staff at the Center for dual purposes throughout the year: she got to practice all of her talks while teaching her staff on all she was lecturing- a win-win for all!

Dr. Pilny spent his continue education in San Antonio at ExoticsCon, the new annual conference combining the three exotic pet specialties: avian, small mammal, and reptilian/amphibian. It was a jam-packed week of exciting learning, sharing of new information, and networking with peers.


In August, Dr. Pilny not only enjoyed learning all things current at the Annual Symposium of the Association for Avian Veterinarians, but he presented a talk about the novel use Poloxamer gel as a vehicle for transdermal delivery of antibiotics in birds. This conference also included topics on reptile and exotic small mammal medicine, so Dr. Pilny got his fill of continuing education!


In October, Practice Manager and LVT Lorelei Tibbetts went to sunny Arizona for the annual American Board of Veterinary Practitioner’s symposium which was being held in conjunction with her own specialty academy, the Academy of Veterinary Technician’s in Clinical Practice. While there, not only did Lorelei attend lectures on the most current medical advances in specialty exotic pet medicine, but she held her annual meeting for her technician academy and moderated lectures. The conference kept her so busy, she never even got to see Phoenix!

In January, Practice Manager Lorelei Tibbetts and Licensed Veterinary Technician Kristine Castillo went to sunny Orlando for the North American Veterinary Conference. This was Kristine’s first national conference, and she had a great time going to dozens of lectures, including an advanced wetlab in avian handling. The conference was very productive and they came home with lots of great new information to share!


In October, Dr. Wilson traveled to Oakland California to attend the annual Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarian conference. This year, the conference was in conjunction with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, so she had many species of animals to choose from!

In August, Dr. Pilny and Dr. Brown attended the annual Association for Avian Veterinarians in Louisville Kentucky. Dr. Pilny presented two case reports and both doctors attended not only the avian track, but also the small mammal and reptilian lectures. This conference is a great place to network with fellow exotic pet specialists, teach, and learn all the newest advances!

In April, Lorelei Tibbetts traveled to San Antonio for the annual symposium of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. At this conference, Lorelei was lecturing on behalf of the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Clinical Practice. Her topics were reptile anesthesia and rabbit neurologic disease. She also received her veterinary technician specialty at this symposium in Exotic Companion Animal. Congratulations Lorelei!


In April, Dr. Wilson traveled to St. Louis to the annual symposium of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners to continue in her pursuit of board certification in reptile and amphibian medicine. She had a great time meeting new vets in her field and learning even more about her favorite group of patients!

In February, Dr. Maguire lectured at The Real Macaw Parrot Club in New Jersey. She discussed a series of case studies which she collected at our hospital. She demonstrated the signs of illness, diagnostic techniques, and the therapies which we applied that cured them.

In January, Serena Yeung, LVT attended her first major veterinary conference: the North American Veterinary Conference in Florida. Serena attended lectures focusing on birds, small mammals, and reptiles, but also attended classes on emergency medicine and CPR. She particularly enjoyed a hands-on wetlab where she got to learn about reptile endoscopy and is now an expert on our endoscope equipment and it’s many uses!

Dr. Wilson also attended NAVC with Serena. Her focus was on reptile and amphibian medicine, however she was also there to assist her colleague, Dr. Tiffany Rimar, who was lecturing on avian acupuncture. Dr. Rimar spent several days at our practice working with our staff to create a comprehensive lecture on the topic, as well as to obtain lovely photos of our staff in action performing acupuncture!


October 2010: Dr. Wilson attended the annual Association of Reptile and Amphibian Medicine conference in Texas. This year, the meeting was in conjunction with the American College of Zoological Medicine and Dr. Wilson enjoyed the diversity of topics presented.

Also in October, Dr. Maguire was invited to lecture at the Long Island Parrot Society Expo where she delivered a fantastic talk on avian anesthesia. LIPS members really appreciated her comprehensive “behind the scenes” look at exactly what we do and why we do it when we sedate or anesthetize pet birds.

Dr. Maguire also earned a certificate in Avian Behavior from the world renowned avian behaviorist Susan Friedman, PhD. The certificate verifies that Dr. Maguire studied for 6 weeks with Dr. Friedman whose focus is Applied Behavior Analysis which focuses on the guiding principle that the hierarchy of teaching intervention starts with the most positive, least intrusive, effective behavior solutions. Dr. Maguire earned her certificate with special honors!

August 2010: Dr. Maguire and Melissa attended the 31st Annual Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference & Expo with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. Melissa led a round table for exotic veterinary technicians in addition to attending all the lectures and a wet lab on avian behavior and enrichment. Dr. Maguire spent her time in the lectures, as well as taking wet labs in avian ultrasound and exotic pet endoscopy.

January 2010: Dr. Wilson and Lorelei attended the 27th annual North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL. Dr. Wilson spent the week attending lectures focusing on reptile and small mammal medicine. Some highlights were symposiums on the most current research on pain management in reptiles and amphibians, and new ideas on enrichment and training for reptiles. She also enjoyed learning new techniques in small mammal surgery.

Lorelei focused on the hospital management and client relations track. She is looking forward to applying what she learned to make sure clients have a great experience at the practice!


October 2009: Tracy Ritter, one of our fantastic receptionists, attended the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conferrence in Atlantic City. She attended lectures concerning all aspects of front desk and management issues, including lectures about communications, client service, and team building.

August, 2009: Lorelei attended the AAV – Association for Avian Veterinarians annual conference. This is also the annual conference for the AEMV – Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and the ARAV – Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians conference. She attended numerous excellent masterclasses, workshops and labs. Lorelei also hosted a round table discussion and moderate the technician session at the conference.

April, 2009: Lorelei lectured at the Mid-Atlantic States Association of Avian Veterinarians annual conference in Lancaster. Her lecture topics included how technicians can make avian veterinary practices more profitable, biosecurity, avian lab sampling, and valuable avian resources.

Melissa attended the Central Veterinary Conference East in Baltimore where where she attended lectures and wet labs on reptile and avian surgery and advanced medicine.


January, 2008: Dr. Wilson and Lorelei attended the 25th annual North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is one of the largest conferences in North America, and there is a 5 day avian and exotic pet series. Dr. Wilson perfected her turtle surgical techniques in a Chelonian lab, while Lorelei attended an avian handling and behavior seminar. They also attended sessions on reptile nutrition and husbandry, avian anesthesia and surgical techniques, and small mammal emergency medicine.

Fall 2008: Lauren, one of our receptionists, received a certificate for completing an online veterinary receptionist program. The program is through Cedar Valley College, and it includes educating individuals on veterinary terminology, professionalism, and common medical procedures.

August, 2008: Dr. Wilson, and Lorelei attended the 29th Annual Association of Avian Veterinarian’s Conference and Expo with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. They attended sessions including avian behavior and enrichment, advancements in avian and small mammal medicine and surgery, diagnostics and therapeutics, disease syndromes, research, and case presentations.
As the committee chair for the AAV Technician Department, Lorelei was a moderator and guest speaker for the technician session. She lectured on preventing disease transmission in the avian/exotic hospital.
Dr. Wilson and Lorelei attended the lab sessions on avian cytology and hematology and master classes including Avian Mycoses, Pathology as a Base for Clinical Understanding, Avian Sinusitis, and Pathology of Cavies.

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